“Why Didn’t You Knock?”

Securing the Self from Security

Nahrain Al-Mousawi

While attention paid to the Israeli geography of imagination, used to configure and dismantle Palestinian territory through the “separation barrier,” has been profoundly significant, what this text addresses is not only the physical border but the cultural and historical borders that [im]mobilize particular identities and social forms. “Why Didn’t You Knock?”. Securing the Self from Security presents the different notions around the “separation barrier” and how it reveals the Israeli geography of imagination, of territorial expansion, of cutting and crisscrossing through Palestinian villages and towns, among other relevant issues.

This is the second e-Book of dpr-barcelona’s series Emancipatory Space, about politics, economy, law and architecture. This series of e-books intend to spread texts that challenge conventional relations of such subjects.

As the Ignorant Schoolmaster, the authors in this series propose ideas that moves outside their academic framework, often subjected to a slower and restricted publishing ratio. With this emancipatory attitude, instigating to decolonize the mind from learned frameworks, instruction becomes freedom: something which is not taught but claims to be taken.

In the Emancipatory Space, equality is not an end… it is the very starting point.

Title: “Why Didn’t You Knock?” Securing the Self from Security

Author: Nahrain Al-Mousawi

Layout: dpr-barcelona

Language: English

Format: eBook

Date: March 2014


Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

Publisher: dpr-barcelona