Weaponized Architecture

The Impossibility of Innocence

Léopold Lambert

Weaponized Architecture. The Impossibility of Innocence is an examination of the inherent instrumentalization of architecture as a political weapon; research informs the development of a project which, rather than defusing these characteristics, attempts to integrate them within the scene of a political struggle. The proposed project dramatizes, through its architecture, a Palestinian disobedience to the colonial legislation imposed on its legal territory. In fact, the State of Israel masters the elaboration of territorial and architectural colonial apparatuses that act directly on Palestinian daily lives. In this regard, it is crucial to observe that 63% of the West Bank is under total control of the Israeli Defense Forces in regards to security, movement, planning and construction. Weaponized Architecture is thus manifested as a Palestinian shelter, with an associated agricultural platform, which expresses its illegality through its architectural vocabulary.

The book includes the graphic novel ‘Lost in the Line.’

Title: Weaponized Architecture. The Impossibility of Innocence

Author: Léopold Lambert

Contributors: Bryan Finoki, Raja Shehadeh.

Design: Léopold Lambert

Language: English

Cover: Soft cover with flaps

Size: 21 x 15 cms.

Format: Paperback

Date: May 2012

ISBN: 978-84-615-3702-0

Publisher: dpr-barcelona