El Jardí de l’Horta Termal / The Thermal Garden

Marta Serra, Elena Albareda, Jordi Calbetó (eds.)

“Treballar la terra és conversar amb els morts, com llegir els clàssics.”
—Emili Manzano

The project and the process described in this book promote a new model of public space for the 21st century based on the revalorisation of peri-urban thermal gardens. The new perception in the use of thermal water for irrigation and the experience of community empowerment allow the collective managing of resources, the physical space of the vegetable gardens and its infrastructures. The project proposes an original reuse of the surplus of thermal water from spas, by means of gravity to separate different qualities of water, thus allowing different uses. It also explores the recycling of organic material for food production, favouring a circular urban metabolism.

Title: El Jardí de l’Horta Termal / The Thermal Garden

Editors: Marta Serra, Elena Albareda, Jordi Calbetó (eds.)

Editorial advisor: César Reyes Nájera

Copy-editing: Daniel Lacasta Fitzsimmons

Design: dpr-barcelona, Claudia Mainardi

Languages: Catalan, English

Translation: Sarah Clark

Size: 14 x 21 cm

Format: Paperback

Date: October 2018

ISBN: 978-84-949388-2-5

Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

Publishers: dpr-barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona

Awards: European Prize for Urban Public Space 2016


The 10 sqm Co-op

Oslo Architecture Triennale and the Master in Architecture at the University of Luxembourg.