The Room of Yet Unpublished Books

dpr-barcelona for Future Architecture Rooms

“The Room of Yet Unpublished Books” is dpr-barcelona room for Future Architecture Rooms project, a room for exploring whiteness in cultural and academic institutions.

The next Future Architecture cycle, Landscapes of Care, is —for us— deeply related with education, knowledge and how this knowledge is produced and distributed, and by whom. Our Room is a safe space of self reflection about the work we do as publishers and researchers, addressing many provocative and necessary questions about race and inclusiveness. We foresee this space of reflection will become over time an observatory that facilitates the inclusion of other voices to address from care, affects and intellectual inquiry, the racial question in the institutions which we work with.

Here is a promo video of the project, you can watch the complete video, where we explain how we work and more details about the research project, here:

Future Architecture Rooms is a project by Future ArchitectureMuseum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana. Directed by Matevž Celik, with Anastassia Smirnova (SVESMI), as Concept Curator.

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