The Architecture Book Fair


Books have been an essential tool to understand the world we inhabit in its wider context. The words we use, the many languages in which we communicate create a framework where the past, present and possible futures collide. In the architecture field, publishing has always been an important part of the practice as a means to reflect how architecture adapts to a world always in flux.

The Architecture Book Fair [aka ABF] is born from the aim of connecting words and worlds. It is a transnational virtual book fair dedicated to publishing and divulgation of architecture and its intersection with politics, technology, economy and social issues. It gathers together a community of international independent publishers in order to create connections and intellectual exchange with their editorial production and the participants of the different instalments of the ABF. The fair also counts with a programme of events, such as book launches, conferences, readings, and activities to reach out and to engage with the audience.

The ABF 2021 edition was held in the framework of Future Architecture, curated by Chiara Dorbol├▓ in October 2021.
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For 2023, the LINA Book Fair will be held under the umbrella of the LINA Architecture Programme, curated by one of the LINA fellows 2022 who will be the one to choose and classify a collection of books that promote and disseminate works and ideas in the field of architecture and beyond that responds to the yearly LINA main theme.

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Design: Anne-Sophie de Vargas

Language: English

Date: 2021 - ongoing