The 10 sqm Co-op

Oslo Architecture Triennale and the Master in Architecture at the University of Luxembourg. 

The 10 sqm Co-op is an audacious pedagogical experiment: our partner in crime César Reyes Nájera and Céline Zimmer will found a cooperative during the Oslo Architecture Triennale. The 10 sqm Co-op attempts—as a first action—to raise enough money to lease a parking space in Oslo, which will be the first 10 square metres of land managed by the cooperative. 

This parking space should be a place for everything except cars: Discussions and meetings, realising first ideas of the cooperative on a small scale. The call to action intends to reinforce the idea that private cars should not idly occupy public space. It also outlines the possibility of redistributive and granular urbanism made by neighbours.

The 10 sqm Co-op aims to raise discussions about the transformative potential of cooperatives to challenge the dynamics of the real estate market, to decommodify housing and to empower citizen bottom-up initiatives to manage public space in their cities.

The 10 sqm Co-op is developed by César Reyes Nájera and Céline Zimmer with the support of the Master in Architecture at the University of Luxembourg
Design: @numamerino
Copy-edit: Daniel Lacasta Fitzsimmons

Acknowledgements: Markus Miessen, Florian Hertweck, Caroline Faber, Sara Volterrani, Oslo Architecture Triennale, dpr-barcelona, Cedric Metez, Ole Pedersen, Gabu Heindl and the Intersectional City House, Sostre Civic, Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative, The Urban Commons Research Collective, Park(ing) Day, Las Kellys, Friction Atlas, the Cooperative Movement, Octavia Hill and Jane Adams for the inspiration.