Master in Architecture

University of Luxembourg

Our partner César reyes Nájera is a postdoctoral researcher in the field of Urban Regeneration at the University of Luxembourg, as part of the chair of the City of Esch with Prof. Dr. Markus Miessen, where he is currently researching urban social dynamics and degrowth strategies to critically update the notion of sustainable development. 

The Master in Architecture (MARCH) addresses the contemporary challenges of climate change, resource scarcity, and social inequalities through the lens of architecture, urbanism, and territorial design. Students acquire knowledge, methods, and tools to develop research and design strategies for the socio-ecological transition towards a carbon-neutral, resilient, and more just society. The MARCH considers the ecological and social questions of our time beyond the spectrum of technological progress and economic growth and, more importantly, as a cultural and political project that embraces issues of governance, ownership practices, and participation.

The teaching team includes: Prof. Dr. Florian Hertweck, Prof. Dr. Markus Miessen, Dr. Marija Marić, Dr. David Peleman, Dr. César Reyes Nájera, Guest. Prof. Carole Schmit, and Doctoral researchers Francelle Cane, Caroline Faber, and Céline Zimmer.

You can read all about the Master in Architecture of the University of Luxembourg at their web-site.