Josep Maria Jujol

L’Església Primera de Vistabella. Una mirada contemporània

Guillem Carabí Bescós (ed.)

Josep Maria Jujol was one of the great forward-visionary architects from Catalonia, mostly known for his work with Antoni Gaudí. This book presents, through one of his most wonderful and unknown buildings, a new way to discover and understand the philosophy that lies behind his architectural work and non-conventional structural solutions.

When arriving to Vistabella town, the church is the first image you see. Josep Maria Jujol built it as a natural extension of the landscape, as a structure that is developing and shaping the different volumes, with a strong relationship with the land from which emerges. Jujol wanted to build a work where everything was designed to create a unique spatial experience. A building with a strong symbolism expressed through its structure, with hidden messages written on the walls and the use of simple and recycled materials. Elements with a total identification with the inhabitants of Vistabella.

The book includes high-res unpublished material from the rare Jujol Archives.

Title: Josep Maria Jujol. L’Església Primera de Vistabella. Una mirada contemporània

Editor: Guillem Carabí Bescós (ed.)

Contributors: Antonio Salcedo Miliani, Roger Miralles, Concepció Peig, Guillem Carabí Bescós, Mn. Mariá Sordè, Vincent Ligtelijn, Juhani Pallasmaa

Design: dpr-barcelona, Alex Orlich

Photos: Joan Farré Roig

Illustrations: Manuel Arenas

Languages: Catalan, English and Spanish

Translation: Mònica M. Boix, Alba Hernández Veliz

Format: Hard cover

Date: November 2013

ISBN: 978-84-615-3703-7

Publisher: dpr-barcelona