Master Programme Relational City
Other Ways to conceive the Plural City.
Study case: Barcelona · Course 2011-2012

The Master’s Programme RELATIONAL CITY developed by the Urban Relational Laboratory and organized by the ESARQ School of Architecture and the Faculty of Humanities at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya posed as initial point of its investigations the possibility that the new challenges of cities, plural and intelligent, are not just working in conjunction with basic disciplinary aspects of urbanism, infrastructure, paths, patterns, but are also closely linked to energy balance criteria and thermodynamic models, theories involving dynamic urban systems, socio-cultural aspects related to the culture of networking and complex behaviours and the evidence that the town still has economic potential for develop an ecosystem-like economy.

Urban Relational Laboratory: Ph.D Concepció Peig, Ph. D Miquel Lacasta, Arq. Guillem Carabí, Arq. Manuel Arenas, Arq. Ethel Baraona Pohl and Ph.D César Reyes.

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Master Relational City