Hotel Concordia.

Don’t Let Your Dreams Sink

dpr-barcelona, Eva Papamargariti, Vassiliki Maria Plavou

Hotel Concordia. Don’t Let Your Dreams Sink from dpr-barcelona on Vimeo.

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As technicians our first proposal was related with topics such as renaturalization, diatomes, and chemical reactions among others. We all often believe that technology can always “save the world.”


We’re living in a deep crisis in terms of economy, ethics, and values under capitalism. This fact is reflected on the overuse of crowdfunding platforms while maintaining the same productive models.

As a criticism we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to re-float the cruise and keep it there to create an “ecological” Hotel. As rewards, we have key chains, T-shirts, mugs and even a dinner with the Costa Concordia captain.

This stuff will show the paradox of capitalism leaked in collective funding. Believing we are “promoting” growing and reversing a dismal scenario, we will finally discover it’s only fireworks that will soon fade into the night.

This video shows a brief description of our proposal which got an honorable mention in Costa Concordia ICSplat Competition. New Concordia Island Contest aims to rethink the disaster of the ship Costa Concordia as exceptional opportunity to imagine the future of the wreck and that of the Island of Giglio. It is also a chance to wonder about needs for architecture to build new landscapes on traces and remains of a traumatic event.

Our proposal “Hotel Concordia. Don’t Let Your Dreams Sink“, was developed together with Eva Papamargariti [Larissa, Greece] and Vassiliki Maria Plavou [Volos, Greece] and received an honorable mention.

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