Finnish Architectural Review

Interview by Mika Savela and Ana Dana Beroš

This first 2018 issue of Arkkitehti addresses the significance of architectural publications in our time and their future prospects. It provides a summary of the views of ten publishers representing different countries and types of publications, ranging from established to experimental with projects such as San RoccoCarthadpr-barcelona and The Funambulist. On the international scene, the discourse on publications remains lively as they provide a channel for an increasingly polyphonic architectural culture.

For this issue in 2018, Mika Savela and Ana Dana Beroš approached a number of operators working in different realms of publishing with a relatively general list of questions. They received commentaries, and contemporary thoughts on publishing as well as the global mediasphere, suggest that for architecture, the field of publishing is as varied as the practices and interests it holds. In fact, publishing as an architectural activity seems anything but dead.

About dpr-barcelona, they wrote:

“Catalonian platform dpr-barcelona, headed by Ethel Baraona Pohl and César Reyes Najera has gradually developed into a keen observer and commenter of social and cultural structures in architecture. Positioning publishing against disciplinary hegemonies, their projects are developing ways to incorporate co-habiting the discursive space of architecture.”

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Languages: Finnish, English

Format: Magazine

Date: February 2018

Publisher: ARK