Dissidence from Standards


‘Mediation’ is an intervention in a process in order to resolve it. Based on this assumption, the Traders project is focused on researching the diverse dimensions of urban participation, and how these mediations can have an impact in the creation and appropriation of public space. The TRADERS Conference has the big challenge of understanding, reflecting and discussing ‘mediation’ as something beyond interference; as a crossroad where different actors, topics, and contexts are intertwined to discuss the role of design in society’s reclamation of the public sphere. In this a two-day programme, dpr-barcelona will have the role of being critical observers—no mediators this time—and give different readings of the several lectures, presentations and discussions, in order to analyse, reflect and wrap up some of the key points about the impact of the artistic and design practices in the political, economic, cultural and social fields in the current context.

Participation of dpr-barcelona as Critical Observers at MEDIATIONS, the TRADERS Conference at the RCA in 2017.

Title: Dissidence from Standards

Language: English

Date: January 2017