Cultures of Assembly

Chair of the City of Esch at the University of Luxembourg

Cultures of Assembly is a project by the Chair of the City of Esch, currently developing a crossover format that consists of a digital platform alongside a pop-up neighbourhood agency in the centre of Esch-sur-Alzette. Our physical space and its virtual communication tool aim to generate productive dialogues between urban pasts, presents, and futures, and the various publics and individuals who claim and produce them. The projects promote public negotiation through unconventional formats and research, aiming to generate spaces of encounter and enable CULTURES OF ASSEMBLY.

The Cultures of Assembly platform (CoA) has launched its podcast programme, featuring its first three conversations with guests Clémentine DelissRahel Süß, and Dennis Pohl. The conversations are now live on the CoA website, as well as platforms Apple PodcastsSpotifyAnchor, and Amazon Podcasts.

Our partner César Reyes is part of the team, along with Markus Miessen, Marija Maric, and Francelle Cane. Associated with the Master in Architecture Programme, University of Luxembourg.

Cultures of Assembly web-site:

DesignMatthias Görlich, Marcel Strauß
Web development: Another Code Project. Karen Czock, Fabian Wohlfart
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