Coming together

La Comunal in Barcelona, Spain by Lacol

Ethel Baraona for The Architectural Review

As well as designing equitable shared spaces in the city, Barcelona-based Lacol are simultaneously creating a more collaborative mode of practice.

“When visiting the project, it’s easy to understand the ways in which it promotes a communal, ecological, environmental and human-scale integrated environment; it seeks to achieve a more equitable and socially fairer redistribution of resources and common social spaces in the neighbourhood, offering not only their services but also having open spaces that can be rented out by external entities. The buildings host cultural and gastronomic activities that have a positive impact on the immediate surroundings, creating spaces of leisure, networking and interactions both for the occupants and for their neighbours.

Artigas, Clemente, Daví, Gamboa, Lluch and Vila are a kind of melting pot of allusions, experiences and methods of practice. Altogether, it constitutes a wonderful array of complementary ways of working side by side to make architecture something other than a body of work – a space where their personal experiences, interests and references create a never-ending learning process, recalling Sara Ahmed’s words, ‘to become a feminist is to stay a student’.”

A text commissioned by The Architectural Review when Lacol members Ariadna Artigas, Anna Clemente, Eulàlia Daví, Cristina Gamboa, Laura Lluch and Núria Vila were awarded the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture 2021.

Title: Coming together: La Comunal in Barcelona, Spain by Lacol

Language: English

Date: February 2021

Publisher: The Architectural review