Bulding Equality | New Politics Session

Future Architecture CEx2021

The Future Architecture Creative Exchange 2021: Landscapes of Care, has been one of the key European events for networking and presentation of architectural ideas, where Future Architecture Platform introduced its European Architecture Program via a live webcast for the first time via Future Architecture Rooms.

The core of the CEx2021 were the nine live discussions with twenty-seven emerging creatives from various disciplines that responded to this year’s call for ideas, the platform’s tool for encouraging emerging creatives to present their innovative architectural ideas to a wide range of decision-makers and stakeholders, and fifteen curators, directors, and program managers that will carry out the events in the 2021 European Architectural Program. The discussions included participants addressing topics of public space, landscape, buildings, revisiting histories, transdisciplinarity, paradigm shifts, feminism in architecture, decolonization, and new policies.

dpr-barcelona moderated the discussion about New Politics joined by the FA fellows: What Do Landscapes Say? (Nomaos); Cocinas Alterinas (G. Aquije, M. El Bakry); Queer Commons (Alexander Auris).