Beyond the Threshold

Women, houses, and cities.

Zaida Muxí Martínez

Beyond the Threshold. Women, Houses, and Cities offers a revised account of the history of architecture and urban planning through the contributions of the women who have been silenced in our general histories. Its frame of reference is the built environment, from design to politics, from architecture to urban planning —thus, the house and the city, the private and the public. The first as an metaphor for architecture and the second as a synthesis of people’s actions. Taking a feminist approach entails a necessary deconstruction of dominant historiography, revealing the false neutrality and universality found in the transmission of knowledge and the construction of historical narratives.

In this sense, it is not of little importance to discuss women, architecture, and urban planning. As in other areas of knowledge, the arts, science, or politics, women have not been, and are still not represented on equal terms, not even fairly based on equal merits. This is why it is so crucial to revisit the history of architecture and cities, rewriting it with women as its protagonists.

Title: Beyond the Threshold. Women, houses, and cities.

Author: Zaida Muxí Martínez

Design: Francesc Polop

Photos: Francesc Polop

Language: English

Size: 13 x 21 cms

Format: Paperback

Date: March 2021

ISBN: 978-84-949388-6-3

Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

Publisher: dpr-barcelona