Alchemy of the Classroom

dpr-barcelona for Volume #45: Learning

While education is currently under financial and ideological pressure, learning is flourishing. Learning is not a self-contained period of time and place in which we magically transform into adults, but rather a life-long condition, a process that now permeates everywhere and everything at all times. For some learning is a luxury, yet for others it’s an economic necessity. Learning can be a tool of social liberation, but also one of financial subjugation and political oppression. In this issue of Volume, we’re thinking about what it means to learn: how it happens, where, by what, for whom, and why. Learning points us in a direction and gives us tools; does it also teach us how to use them and make a move?

Universities cultivate a practical body of knowledge, except the type of practice that architectural education fosters today isn’t good for much more than selfexploitative idolatry. For decades now, the university has been seen as a fortress of antiquated ideas, buttressed by the culture of professional accreditation. Ethel Baraona Pohl and Cesar Reyes Najera from dpr-barcelona ruminate about the limits of our disciplinary language and gesture towards another pedagogical form, one based on naïveté, trust and the collaborative production of knowledge, for the expansion of our world.

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Language: English

Date: September 2015

Publisher: Volume