"Architecture will no longer be the social, the collective, the dominant art. The great poem, the great building, the great work of mankind will no longer be built, it will be printed."
- Victor Hugo


dpr-barcelona is an architectural research practice based in Barcelona, dealing with three main lines: publishing, criticism and curating. Their work explore how architecture as discipline reacts in the intersection with politics, technology, economy and social issues. Their publications, both digital and printed, transcend the boundaries of conventional publications, approaching to those which are probably the titles of architecture in the future, exploring the limits between printed matters and new media, transforming traditional publishing practice [as we know it] into a live exchange of knowledge. Their [net]work is a real hub linking several publications and actors on architecture and theory.

Ethel Baraona Pohl. Critic, writer and curator [but she prefers Professional Amateur]. Co-founder of dpr-barcelona and editor of Quaderns, she’s also contributing editor for different blogs and magazines, and has written articles for Domus, Volume, The New City Reader [Istanbul edition] and MAS Context among others. She has been invited to present her work in events like Postópolis! DF, and the international architectrure festival Eme3. Associate Curator for "Adhocracy", first commissioned for the Istanbul Design Biennial in 2012, also exhibited at The New Museum, NYC on April 2013 and at Lime Wharf LONDON in September 2013. Curator, with César Reyes Nájera, of the third Think Space programme with the theme 'Money'.

César Reyes Nájera PhD on Bio-climatic construction systems and materials by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Spain. Co-founder of dpr-barcelona and co-author of the book "Sustainable Architecture" which was pre-selected for the prestigious Riba Book Awards 2008 in the category of Construction. Editor of the series Synapse, a starting point to articulate an intellectual fabric supporting the entropiqIQ project. He has teached and lectured at ESARQ UIC [Barcelona], Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, among others. Curator of the third Think Space programme with the theme 'Money'.